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Virtuser BCS Ltd
The Vicarage
13A, Cranley Gardens
London SW7 3BB
T: +44 207 376 5416

If we are busy with clients and running OTA and SMS platforms for MVNOs around the world, the above number goes to voicemail; voicemails are emailed to the team wherever we are and we do get back as soon as we can. The best way to contact us is to either use the contact form below or call/leave a message with your name, number or email and what you are interested in and we will get back to you as soon as we can

Virtuser Award Winning Innovation

Virtuser is an award winning technology innovation company based in London since 2001.

We are leaders in MVNO, Mobile Apps & App stores and Over The Air Provisioning OTA APN Data settings, you can folow our blogs here:

Mobile Virtual Network Operator MVNO

Mobile Application Store & Portals

Mobile Applications, Mobile VAS & Content



If you wish to contact us, please fill in the contact form below and we will respond as soon as possible.

Core Team

Virtuser's core team has a breadth and depth of knowledge and ability that makes us unique:

Christian Borrman

Mobile, Internet and Quadruple Play professional focused on taking innovative products to market and making them sell; from due diligence to accelerating sales and expansion. Has been pivotal in successful launches and growth of MVNOs, ISPs, IPTV solutions, telephony and IT devices, Pay-TV, mobile applications, directory services, software and SasS...

Keith Milner

A Telecommunications and IT Industry professional with a wide experience of technologies and products and experience of industry start-ups.
Focused on new product development and solution delivery in complex operational and organisational environments. Keith has often single handedly designed, built and tested the backbones of some of the most innovative and complex telephony, software and IT products and services; from major telcos and software houses to cutting edge wireless music streaming services


Areas of Expertise

OTA APN Data Setting provisioning

SMS gateway for VAS, top-up, bundles, ec

MVNO Agreement negotiation

MVNO Consultancy

MVNO Tariff

MVNO Strategy

MVNO Marketing strategy

MVNO sales growth

MVNO Process mapping BPM


MVNO change management


Innovation management

MVNO Product Design

MVNO Product Management

MVNO Project Management

MVNO Due Diligence

MVNO acquisition

MVNO sale