Mobile Convergence & IoT

It is exciting times in the Internet of things world again, Virtuser is working on some very exciting IoT projects;

  • Mobilisation of content
  • NFC, WiFi & Bluetooth convergence 
  • M2M
  • Mobile Search Engine Optimisation strategies
  • Content Management Systems for internet, mobile internet and mobile applications
  • Integration and enabling social media and social networking across all devices
  • Mobile Social Networking, Blogging and UGC across mobile and web
  • Web and mobile web services and architecture
  • Mobile application serving and provisioning

Virtuser Award Winning Innovation

Virtuser is an award winning technology innovation company based in London since 2001.

We are leaders in MVNO, Mobile Apps & App stores and Over The Air Provisioning OTA APN Data settings, you can folow our blogs here:

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Mobile Application Store & Portals

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Virtuser Convergence Innovation

Virtuser has extensive experience in many of the key innovations and developments in Internet, from initial e-commerce to "post 2.0":

Mobilisation of existing web, mobile and other content

Mobile engagement is not as easy as it sounds, but it still does not have to be the world's greatest project that is done once and then left: Virtuser offer tactical and longer term solutions that can be broken down to size, and most importantly integrated across other strategies: sometimes joining the dots is the key. Examples of this has been:

  • Making sure that all MNO users have access to key services across all devices. This has meant provisioning phones without an app or app store to access the coe social networking and news services outside of the MNO portal,
  • Integrating social networking services with the MNO and MVNO app store
  • Integrating social networking services with the MNO carrier and MVNO/MVNE billing
  • Enabling the MNO retail with social network, mapping and other services
  • Enabling key parts of the MNO web portal onto mobile.
  • Enabling certain MNO web and WAP services to be pushed to users
  • Integrating basic email to other non email devices
  • Integration of SMS and WAP into e-commerce, procurements

NFC, Bluetooth and WiFi services

Virtuser started life at the forefront of converged mobile, integrating Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC with key services. Since then we have integrated these wireless services to trial the use of NFC and Bluetooth payment, ordering and vouchering of services from a whole street in London, to a whole shopping centre, to whole airport terminals and one of the world's biggest music festivals.


Virtuser has worked on many M2M services, from ordering and tracking air taxis, physical taxis, ships and other vehicles, to mobile marketing from moving vehicles, vending machines and billboards to automated ordering.

Recommendation engines 

Virtuser is working on some of the latest developments in peer recommendation for content, advertising and e-commerce, as well as emerging social networking, Search Engine Optimisation and blogging applications. 

Mobile Search Engine Optimisation 

Virtuser has worked on numerous and varied SEO projects, mostly around the converged nature or SEO across web, mobile, and apps: we have done this for major directories and PLCs, major content owners, as well as MNOs and MVNOs on all aspects of SEO, from defining SEO strategy, to implementing complex Content Management Systems to manage the strategy across converged inventories and multiple agencies. We are different in that we understand all aspects of SEO and its underlying infrastructure and supporting technologies, and have been very successful at all aspects from rapidly reviewing and implementing new SEO strategies, to modernising and streamlining existing SEO strategies 

Content Management Systems 

Content Management Systems have gone from nice-to-have for big business to essential must-have for anybody managing any content on the web. CMS is no longer just for major organisations and content owners, but for small business and even individual bloggers and website publishers. 

Mobile Social Networking 

Virtuser has been working with many organisations on cutting edge social networking platforms across internet and mobile internet in the education, youth, music, marketing and e-commerce space.

Web Services and Web Architecture 

It may seem old hat, but innovation in Internet often requires obtaining, using and serving information in new and challenging ways. These issues usually come up when its too late, we have done many of them from e-commerce and ticketing SMS and barcode ticket applications, to provisioning mobile services across mobile and internet and scaling to hundreds of thousands of users around a single event. 

Core Team

Virtuser's core team has a breadth and depth of knowledge and ability that makes us unique:

Christian Borrman

Mobile, Internet and Quadruple Play professional focused on taking innovative products to market and making them sell; from due diligence to accelerating sales and expansion. Has been pivotal in successful launches and growth of MVNOs, ISPs, IPTV solutions, telephony and IT devices, Pay-TV, mobile applications, directory services, software and SasS...

Keith Milner

A Telecommunications and IT Industry professional with a wide experience of technologies and products and experience of industry start-ups.
Focused on new product development and solution delivery in complex operational and organisational environments. Keith has often single handedly designed, built and tested the backbones of some of the most innovative and complex telephony, software and IT products and services; from major telcos and software houses to cutting edge wireless music streaming services



"Working with Christian has been an extremely enriching experience. I have only met a few of people like Christian who has the same visions, insight and skills when it comes to turning edge technology into user friendly and usable solutions."


"Keith is a remarkable individual who's phenomenal depth and breadth of technical knowledge is almost uniquely based on actually having done it before. Further, his ability to pick up and apply new technology is quite remarkable. His capability to quickly assess situations and develop sensible solutions appropriate and applicable to a wide variety of technical and business environments is always impressive. Moreover, he is extremely personable, and able to communicate effectively throughout the entire business hierarchy."