MVNO Enablement & Services

Virtuser has unrivalled experience in MVNO, OTA and Mobile APP enablement; being the first choice for some of the biggest, most innovative and agile players in the business. We have worked with everybody from Microsoft to micro-funding:

  • Mobile OTA APN Data Setting provisioning
  • MVNO SMS Gateway,
  • MVNO Enablement - Every MVNO we have launched is still in business, including some of the biggest, most niche and innovative MVNOS
  • Mobile applications and mobile app stores

Download our MNO VAS and MVNO OTA Overview

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Virtuser Award Winning Innovation

Virtuser is an award winning technology innovation company based in London since 2001.

We are leaders in MVNO, Mobile Apps & App stores and Over The Air Provisioning OTA APN Data settings, you can folow our blogs here:

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Mobile Application Store & Portals

Mobile Applications, Mobile VAS & Content


Virtuser MVNO Enablement

Virtuser has extensive experience in many of the key innovations and developments in mobile, from drawing board to roll-out:

Mobile OTA Provisioning, Mobile OTA Settings, Mobile Device Management - Download Overview

Virtuser have developed cutting edge, next generation OTA and provisioning services that allow the MVNO, MNO or app store / content owner to dynamically send exactly the right settings, to the right user, at the right time, across multiple devices and SIMs. Virtuser's fully automated system gives

  • The cost controls of a manual system,
  • The results of automated settings, but with intelligence to send the right settings to the right users
  • Unique fully integrated reporting
  • Provide bundles such as facebook bundles, twitter bundles, etc
  • Integrated portal to Drive ROI in months 1-3 vs. months 6-12 with other OTA services

MNO & MVNO SMS Gateway - Download Overview

Virtuser's SMS gateway enables Carrier Billing and other network APIs to be enabled into Mobile VAS in record time. Virtuser's SMS Gateways have been integrated to enable many of the following:

  • MNO & MVNO Welcome message, MNO & MVNO roaming AOC
  • MVNO roaming bundles, Social Network bundles,
  • MVNO VAS with carrier billing integration,
  • Integration with WAP portal for further info, payment and services from SMS

Mobile Virtual Networks (MVNO)

Virtuser's team worked on some of the first Brand MVNOs and Retail MVNOs in 1999 and 2000, complex converged MVNO in 2001 and 2002, then again in 2003 & 2004;  International MVNOs and Ethnic MVNOs in the later 2005 to 2009 period and beyond, with strategic Green MVNOs, Music MVNOs, Brand MVNOs, ad-funded MVNOs. Youth MVNOs, Data MVNOs, M2M MVNOs, and more in the meantime. This has given Virtuser's team significant insight into all aspects of the MVNO, from defining the product and brand, introducing MVNOs to the MNOs successfully, negotiating the contract so its works for all parties (ALL the MVNOs we have launched on are still in business) and has been critical in getting MVNOs to market earlier and more profitably. This means everything from distribution and retail agreements to solving USSD, SMS, Roaming Message, CAMEL, SIP translation, Diameter Translation, and other issues including resolving "stopping points between MVNOs, MNOs and MVNEs and other providers to finding solutions to plug the gaps, even if that means doing them ourselves in the case of OTA data settings for example. Since then Virtuser has helped companies value MVNOs, sell MVNOs, buy MVNOs, sell their MVNO or MVNE to their mobile operator wholesale departments, as well as expand MVNOs to create some of the biggest, most innovative and most importantly successful MVNOs that are still around across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa to date.

Mobile Applications and Mobile App Stores

Virtuser has worked on mobile applications for Nokia, Orange, BAA, Bloomberg, Tube Exits and many more, as well as playing key roles in building mobile app stores and mobile content discovery for a Vodafone, Telefonica and two major handset manufacturers, as well as MVNOs and Brand, Agency and Retail app strategies. Virtuser has additionally worked on all elements from sourcing content, building and specifying key elements of the service, all the way to launch strategies, social network integration and end to end provisioning, allowing the content owner and/or operator manage the rollout from provisioning content to our patent pending solutions for distributing app stores, provisioning the right data services and content for each particular user/handset/content and keeping the application or service alive throughout its lifecycle, like managing handset and SIM changes as well as cross network operator recommendations

Mobile Internet, Mobile Social Network

Virtuser has extensive experience in integrating social networking with MNOs and MVNOs from integrating facebook with carrier billing APIS to delivering mobile social networks over WAP, APP and SMS to creating bespoke social networks to support major MNO corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) content. Finally, its often just as simple as well as enabling social networks, which is 90% of mobile browsing content across all MNO and Across all MVNO devices,  their own social network pages, existing portals, in-store advertising and mobile internet

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments from SMS based to full carrier billing integration, NFC, Bluetooth, pre-paid debit cards, and more.

Core Team

Virtuser's core team has a breadth and depth of knowledge and ability that makes us unique:

Christian Borrman

Mobile, Internet and Quadruple Play professional focused on taking innovative products to market and making them sell; from due diligence to accelerating sales and expansion. Has been pivotal in successful launches and growth of MVNOs, ISPs, IPTV solutions, telephony and IT devices, Pay-TV, mobile applications, directory services, software and SasS...

Keith Milner

A Telecommunications and IT Industry professional with a wide experience of technologies and products and experience of industry start-ups.
Focused on new product development and solution delivery in complex operational and organisational environments. Keith has often single handedly designed, built and tested the backbones of some of the most innovative and complex telephony, software and IT products and services; from major telcos and software houses to cutting edge wireless music streaming services



"Keith is probably one of the most knowledgeable people I know regarding OSS, networking and voice technologies. Keith is quite capable of instantaneously launching into a detailed explanation of the pros and cons of choosing SIP over H.323 and has done in my presence on many occasions. He's a veritable walking library of RFCs and is very switched on to business needs as well as traditional and ground-breaking technologies and practices. Keith is one of the rare breed of folk who bridge that gap between extreme hard-core techie and business focused consultant. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone, for pretty much any role."


"Christian has an excellent mobile brain that encompasses the full range of skill sets from high-level strategy through to detailed delivery within the mobile space. I'd thoroughly recommend him within all areas associated with MVNOs."