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MVNO, MVNE, IoT, Private 5G cloud, edge and on-premise business solutions & strategies to grow your (mobile) telecoms business with sustainably and renewable energy options

About Virtuser

Creators of #NetworkOnWheels

100% solar powered Private 5G Land Rover Defenders and eCargo Bikes (coming soon) which can be deployed and redeployed in minutes and deliver fast 5G cellular / mobile coverage anywhere the most capable all wheel drive vehicles ever made can go.

We create them in our converted barn in Surrey, with it’s own private airstrip for the ultimate in rapid deployment… or you can visit us more sustainably by train as revered telecoms analyst Dean Bubley, aka Disruptive Dean did as you can read here

More About Virtuser

We help mobile and non mobile businesses do more in mobile.

Many areas of mobile are easy(ish).

Some are harder

Some are very hard, we mostly do these difficult things; quicker, more efficiently and without making a fuss or a meal out of it.

We help make mobile *IT happen, while keeping the core unique selling point of the product, like this original reactor in the battersea power station that helps make the refurbished building so iconic. Thos who have built difficult things in mobile and had to “descope” the original idea to make it happen, which creates a vanilla product will know the benefits of making difficult things happen with a difference… but not killing yourself or the project in the process.

What we do

Consulting Services & VAS Services Provision


We were the first MVNO consultancy, launched the first and most prominent / successful MVNOs in most key markets: Supermarkets, Ethnic, Tech, Travel, eSIM, Energy, Crypto and more.

Growth & Innovation

Our customers are successful mostly because we are not one-trick ponies: we ensure that all areas of the business are covered and that Business processes to user journeys are documented as you grow & change.

Sales & Marketing, Growth

We know how to grow your business within or to the mobile market space through RoI and data based analysis and experience of launching, growing, selling and buying in Mobile (Cellular).

Sustainability & Environment

Sustainability and power management are no longer luxuries or green feel good factors - they are essential to reliability, coverage, and even national security as well as, ahem, profitability.

Private 5G, Private LTE, CBRS

Private 5G, Private LTE and CBRS can be a bit of an expensive minefield, with no clear RoI, shoving MNO infra into non-MNO locations and hoping it works... we do it properly, with integrated IoT

eSIM, Mobile Device & AI

eSIM was at first a very long time coming, and then happened in a hurry. Many eSIM strategies / solutions are a mess, we work across all vendors, multi and single IMSI and pioneering SGP32

IoT & Asset Tracking: Trackergy

Most asset tracking services available today stink. We rebuilt tracking from the ground up to support all types of vehicles and tracking across multiple devices as well as incorporating other public and private wireless infrastructure with a single pane of glass view from SIM to drone battery, from device to network and back: cloud, edge or on-premise...

Roaming & Travel eSIMs: International Cellular

International cellular is our demo brand of not just turn-key travel SIM and second SIM and eSIM solutions, something we enabled some of the first players to do a decade ago, and can do as quickly as 48 hours turnaround. But we can also integrate with Wi-Fi and Private Networks for seamless connectivity in B2B and B2C, B2B2C...

Blogs: MVNO, FMC, Mobile APPs...

Checkout our blog archive originating back to 2006 that demonstrates we know the solution end-to-end from actually doing and holding our client's hand, rolling up our sleeves, drinking the coffee needed to get on with it and get it done: Make mobile *IT happen!

Case Study

Low power Private 5G & Mobile Core

We are pushing the boundaries of mobile and Private 5G and have UK Government funding to prove it.

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An Astonished repeat customer over 2 decades on from first engagement
Virtuser MVNO Consultancy services IoT, eSIM, Private5G, sustainability

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We help companies stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.