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ByChristian Borrman

Will 5G enable driverless cars as the hype says?

Not quite, what #machinelearning and #AI needs most in this space, and many related spaces is #data: #real, varied, #histroric and #realtime data – no matter how intelligent a person is; without an education… and even then… #newmoosetest

ByChristian Borrman

5G Will change the World – Almost

will #5G change the #IoT #AI #VR #AR #world? Sort of with help of #Private5G otherwise #ymmv #shorts

ByChristian Borrman

Private 5G and Private LTE – why its a game changer part 1 (locally in a factory, port, airport, etc)

Private 5G & Private LTE is typically faster more reliable with better coverage and lower latency even than fibre here in my case, let alone wi-fi so what are you waiting for: from simple opensource to full commercial rollout the benefits are plain to see, even over stateofart wifi6 dualwan fibre in my case

ByChristian Borrman

Why MVNOs, IoT Providers, and Other Mobile Startups Fail

Well a controllable variable reason that’s at the top of the list anyway

ByChristian Borrman

Global Roaming is changing with IoT and Global isation, well the original concept is now close to half a century old…

The days of getting a none tier 1 MNO universal roaming at usable rates are gone, and even for the big tier 1 groups, with massive romaing bases, while zone 1 and zone 2 roaming rates are usable (typically 30-50 countries) the reality is that the other nearly 200 countires in zones 3, 4 and 5 and RoW are just not usable. Ant that is a tier 1 MNO. The new strategies in the eSIM and 100s of % growth in IoT world means a full strategy involves multiple IMSIs sometimes multiple Sims, eSIMs (don’t worry if you are not yet eSIM capable, there are work arounds used by even tier 1 MNOs as well as MVNOs all over the world) and even leveraging MVNO agreements as well multiple IMSI agreements, and finally smarter SIM tools and using this traffic to accelerate your existing IR 21 and create a bespoke roaming footprint that suits your customer base not just whatever you could get on an IR 21 and a hub. This is not just a reality of volume, but also the nature of today’s global world, where roam like at home in a few neighbouring and high volume countries is just not good enough.

ByChristian Borrman

1 minute video – why ousourcing key mobile functions makes your buisiness quicker to move and cheaper to run

An IoT company or MVNO will never have full time staff for all the functions an MNO does, as they have up to tens of thousands of employees and still outsource a lot of key roles!

Mobile technology is generally hard… that is why most MNOs employ tens of thousands, thousands or even hundreds (smaller ones) of people and still have a lot of work outsourced. IoT and MVNO and MVNEs typically have small teams focussed on mostly selling and keeping their core service or core businesses new and existing customers happy. Employing a mobile team can be expensive, time consuming, and even then not get results as, let’s face it, when was the last time you needed to set up a SIM profile, IR21, learn and spot the latest fraud trends or process a batch of CDRs… these and many more are tasks that MNOs will have someone for, but it’s just not cost effective for an MVNO or IoT business to have around or even worry who they report to, or indeed that their skillset is becoming out of date as they are not working with lot’s of different businesses… In this series we will be exploring more of these areas and 1 min updates on key parts of the mobile ecosystem.. so grab a tea or coffee 😉