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We have been the trusted advisor and supplier of mobile (cellular) and related technology services for new, innovative and “difficult stuff” in mobile since 2001: MVNOs, IoT, FMC, and now Asset Tracking and Private 5G.

The name Virtuser comes from Virt(ual) User (of technology). Way back when we working on the first MVNOs, VISP, and shared servers to enable what we now know as cloud we realised that businesses and consumers alike want to use technology but not necessarily own it, or at least the need to select, run and maintain it: We are so cloud and virtual we named ourselves after it’s starting point: a virtuser!


We are a London-based mobile (cellular) core & VAS services and professional services business consultancy firm since 2003

We have done IoT since it was called M2M and used SMS to send tachograph and other vehicle and driver related “data”.

We have worked on key MVNOs since the very first ones, and all the ones we launched are still in business, many decades later.

We started doing FMC and won a DTI innovation award for testing the first mobile calls over bluetooth in wifi TWO DECADES ago!

We are now pushing the envelope again with DSIT and major IT and mobile companies in Private 5G and CBRS.

We are also pushing the boundaries of sustainability, using renewable energy where we can and making mobile services more power efficient.

Our Story

We are proud to be leaders in renewable mobile MNO, MVNO and renewable and sustainable Private 5G, Private LTE networks

We worked tirelessly over the last decade plus to embrace cloud and power efficient computing to reduce the power footprint of all the systems we use and deploy for IoT, Asset Tracking, Core Mobile and Private Wireless Services and the complete ORAN core we can run on renewable and sustainable energy for customers and most of our own services. This is key to being able to run on renewable and sustainable power sources. read more about our sustainable, renewable mobile core.

Our People

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Karl Booth


Liv Corbishley

NED, Government

Gokhan Cosgul

Private 5G and Mobile Core

Marcus Sly

eSIM, MDM, Devices

Jose Luis Rabadan

eSIM, Public Wi-Fi

Iain Cheyne

Process, Customer Journey


Our Key Strengths

This is a big statement, but a true one, and after two decades of asking why that is we always get the same answer from ourselves and our customers: Experience; we know and cover every aspect of the MVNO, from core and SIMs, to Agreements and processes, to managing Change, growth, user experience, marketing, all the way to expansion, sale, purchase, exit. Expand to IoT, new verticals, new markets, migrations... we have done them all and rolled up our sleeves to all aspects of the MVNO. We roll up our sleeves and do tech, we don't just talk about industry buzz - we are usually driving innovation before it becomes industry buzz - if you want first hand experience and expertise from doing; then you want to talk to Virtuser.

We have been doing this for over two decades, in which time we have chaired or presented at all the key conferences, launched many of the key winners, walked away from the losers, started the first blogs, written the first analyst reports and more...

This is a big statement, but a true one, and after two decades of asking why every MVNO we ever launched, upgraded, build a core for, etc is still in business, we always get the same answer from ourselves and our customers: Experience; we know and cover every aspect of the MVNO, from core and SIMs, to MVNO Agreements and MVNO processes, to managing MVNO Change, growth, Mobile User Experience, MVNO marketing, all the way to MVNO expansion, MVNO sale, purchase of MVNOs, MVNO exits, etc. We can then help MVNOs  expand to IoT, new mobile verticals, new MVNO markets, MVNO Platform migrations… we have done them all and rolled up our sleeves to all aspects of the MVNO. We also plug the gaps that nobody has a solution for. We built turnkey Mobile MVNO Apps and MVNO ecommerce solutions integrating MNO APIs and MVNO APIs to get customers to market quicker and more effectively. Finally we usually stay on and help our MVNOs with key roles that would be impossible to fill or just not cost effective to fill with permanent in-house staff.

We were the first to do light MVNOs and full MVNOs, then Hybrid MVNOs, then the first to the first cloud MVNOs and now we are the first to take the next steps beyond cloud MVNO to distributed Cloud MVNO

The same in IoT: we were first to cloud IoT end to end, we did M2M via SMS before most people even know what M2M was,  and now we have taken the next steps to distributed Cloud IoT, Software Defined Vehicle Connectivity, Mobile asset management and more.

We have done it all in the last two decades: the first Mobile Apps before Mobile app stores existed (j2me apps for Nokia), android MVNO apps, iPhone MVNO apps, Mobile widgets, Mobile web apps; MVNOS; turnkey MNOs, Full Ericsson, Nokia, etc Cores; smaller provider Cores; the first Cloud MVNEs, the fist cloud MVNOs, the first SIP in MVNOs; FMC with major suppliers, IMS & VoLTE with major suppliers, with open source; Private 5G and CBRS as well, oh and we are working on the next generation of eSIMs with major vendors and the GSMA, as yes, you got it – we work across all suppliers and more devices from IoT to devices that anybody… and so on short: We are here to provide you a solution that works for you. Most, sadly, are trying to sell what they did last, as that is all they know, or worse; what gives them the highest commission… what works for you?

We do everything from hard MVNO tech, difficult Mobile IoT tech, to clever Mobile and MVNO marketing, Mobile sales acceleration and MVNO purchase and MVNO sale of acquisitions to the customer journeys and processes that make these all possible in the background… and the MVNO change management and mobile value chain change management that goes with this. There are many who know their part of the MVNO puzzle, but Mobile and MVNO change management requires full understanding all the parts of the MVNO puzzle – ask yourself; do you want a solution, series of solutions, or an MVNO integration?

We have worked, lived and launched big and small, innovative and old, migrated, sold, acquired, advised MVNO across the globe. We have taken all the ethnic MVNO operators into new markets and done the first MVNO migrations from one MNO to another MNO, from light MVNO to full MVNO, full MVNO to hybrid MVNO and more. We now help MNOs, MVNOs, IoT providers and Small Cell providers be more global with international roaming and travel SIMs and multi IMSI core and SIM / eSIM enablement: You cannot enable Mobile digital transofrmation if you have not digitally transformed the way you work and your MVNO or IoT systems…

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