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ByChristian Borrman

Second Weekly Webinar… one year later :)

For many reasons, including the very sad one at the end of the video, we have taken a whole year to get back to, or get back to close to a weekly webinar! We will get there, and are commited to getting there so be sure to like and subscribe to get the updates and follow the progress to more regular and to live events:

ByChristian Borrman

Weekly Webinars start 26th November 2020

We are starting our weekly webinars tomorrow 26th November, the first one will be low key and personal invite only, however from December 2020 they will available to attend in real-time to the first 100, and then available in full and in part on YouTube: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Pgq27W1US5Okscy4fNHtIg

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