Mobile MVNO, MVNE, MVNA Workshops

With over 20 years experience per person in the MVNO and mobile, telecoms and IT space, and having built MVNOs, MVNEs, MVNAs, integrated their services, designed, built and run Services for MVNOs all over the world – we know the pitfalls, the shortcuts, and most of all the critical success factors to getting to market AND growing and MVNO or IoT business

The world\’s first cloud APN OTA and most advanced MVNO data settings

In 2007, while having built the logic behind the world\’s first major app distribution for Nokia music festival apps (yes before the iPhone or appstore) the low success rate of existing settings then, which remain the same today, was only 40 to 50% success rate. Virtuser\’s OTA APN approach brought this to over 90% where we still have the highest success rate, approaching 100% for full MVNOs / full MVNEs

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