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Working with major vendors and the GSMA on the next generation of eSIM, we are adding value by being able to test the widest selection of MVNO devices, Private 5G and Private LTE base stations and cores, IoT devices and more – from consumer IoT to complex IoT; and from light MVNO to full MVNO services around the globe as well as full mobile and private 5G cores on two continents.

Join our webinar on how we are uniquely helping SIM vendors and the GSMA define the next generation of Consumer and IoT eSIM.

We advised Microsoft Corporation over a decade ago on the first Global eSIM only MVNO and have been leaders in MVNO eSIM integration and MVNO and IoT eSIM consultancy longer than anybody.

How we can help?

We were bridging the gap between SMDP+ and SM-SR while working on the new standard SGP32 which bridges consumer and IoT eSIM: We stay ahead of the game.


We won’t just sell you the eSIM vendor we happen to be working with / have the closest relationship with. We work across all eSIM vendors and orchestrate both single and multi IMSI eSIM across multiple eSIM vendors.


MNO and MVNO eSIM was a long time coming... During the pandemic it went from "we are doing" to "we need this yesterday" as the shortage of silicon, the logistical issues of physical SIMs plus people from all walks of life finding themselves needing to work from home, wherever that may have been meant that eSIM just happened. Many sought a tactical solution they are still selling as a strategic solution.


In reality eSIM requirements are as complex if not more complex than physical MVNO SIM requirements and require multiple vendors as much as physical SIMs did. We work with multiple single IMSI and multiple IMSI vendors and provide an orchestration layer with a simple GUI that enables you to see stock, downloads, time to download, handset manufacturer and more details to enable digital transformation and eSIM.


Get the right solution for your business at the right time: If you need a tactical solution now, we can do it - quicker and more effectively than a strategic solution. We don't tie you down to who is giving us the best commision or who we have - we get you what you need today, tomorrow and in the future based on needs and with a single API for various eSIM vendors. This is because we are already doing a tactical solution to the new SGP32 standard we are assisting with testing.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We enable MNOs, MVNOs, IoT providers, Travel SIM companies and more to be eSIM enabled both tactically (quick solution) and strategically (fully integrated) and also enable the integration of multiple eSIM solutions with one eSIM orchestration layer. We don’t just talk or install and walk! We run our own consumer and IoT eSIM platforms as part of being trusted partners of key eSIM vendors and testing for example the upcoming SGP32 standard on all types of devices on our Trackergy and Consumer eSIM sites you can find links to here on this site, to ensure we are ahead of the game and understand our customer and market needs better than anyone else.

We are presently assisting with testing of SGP32 across our consumer and IoT devices as SMDP+ and SM-SR are due to merge into a single newer standard. We are unique in our working extensively across both IoT, Consumer and Enterprise and so have access to many different live and beta devices, also across Private 5G, LTE and CBRS SA and NSA.

Yes we work across and have enabled both, as well as EAP-SIM integration across these.

Of course, contact Marcus or any of us, or join one of our eSIM webinars

Yes, and working on the new orchestrated multi-vendor “Super BAP” with multiple vendors. 

Nobody else understood the full end-to-end SIM and eSIM requirements and how to solve our issues, how the affected our business processes, distribution and hardware and software like Virtuser

Carol Oliveira

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