eSIMs are creating new opportunities for smaller MVNOs while solving problems & derisking full MVNOs

MVNOs are constantly evolving, here at Virtuser we have constantly been at the forefront of these developments as we roll up our sleeves and do; we don’t just talk and implement other people’s solutions & workarounds for their shortcomings – we build next generation platforms and solutions to any shortcomings: the first Hybrid MVNOs, the first Full MVNO, the first global eSIM MVNOs, the first major MVNO migrations, the first XML based OTA SIM and APN configurations … first. We are now pushing the cloud MVNO, MVNE, MVNA and eSIM to the next chapter of roaming, coverage, and customer service.

We are seeing eSIMs being used increasingly as

  1. An easier way to enter the mobile market with web based distribution and a wider (global) market and little or no cannibalisation threat
  2. MNOs looking to have an extra bow and revenue source without affecting and actually increasing core data revenue
  3. An innovative way to enable international roaming for customers
  4. A way to test the market before launching an MVNOs
  5. A way to de-risk an MVNO launch with extra revenue and wider reach
  6. A way to learn and test customer services, processes, change etc. with own or another brand before launching mobile service
  7. a legit revenue stream as travel SIMs are growing exponentially in certain B2C markets, but still have massive opportunity

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