Average Revenue per User; Longer term KPI for mobile networks, the key metric on which an MVNO is judged after Subscriber Acquisition Cost (SAC) Time to Activation (T2A) and Activation Ratio (AR). As voice and messaging over SMS is declining in theory ARPU is declining, however data usages is going up, despite the price going down. Typically in the developed world ARPU is between $5 and $20 per user per month, in poorer countries in single digit $ per Month ARPU, however it is very important to realise this is an average: while an MNO or MVNO may have an ARPU of $15 dollars per month and 100,000 subscribers, there maybe only a few dozen, or hundreds or at most a few thousand subscribers who actually spend $15 per month; that average will have tens of thousands of customers spending almost nothing to a few thousand spending $100s and even $1000s. In short: ARPU is not a substitute for personas who will but your service and never assume you have a large base of average customers who spends what your APRU is!