LTE – Long Term Evolution

MVNO LTE or Long Term Evolution refers to the term of a move from 3G and 3G upgraded to 4G to a Long Term Evolution to simpler internet standards based mobile. There is a difference between 4G and LTE but it needs to be a very dull day in the office to want to examine this in detail… however the basics are that 2G was GSM, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE based and 5G is NR … Private LTE is LTE over small Cells and MVNO Private LTE is a very useful and cost effective way to add coverage in remote areas or areas where RAN LTE does not reach.

Virtuser were one of the first to integrate Bluetooth and WifI into Mobile and MVNO and won a UK Government DTI Innovation award for this in 2003, a decade later we negotiated the first 4G LTE MVNO agreements and migrated the first MVNOs in the world from 3G to 4G, and two decades after our first award Virtuser is amoung the first to integrate 4G Private LTE into MVNOs and have won a second UK Government award for advancing ORAN and 5G NR into more sustainable and renewable MVNO and Private 4G and Private 5G solutions