MNO – Mobile Network Operator

Mobile Network Operator – a Licenced mobile operator with spectrum and a Public Radio Access Network (RAN) and usually an obligation to cover 9x% of the population of where the licence was given. This means that leasing part of the network to an MVNO who can sell to places for example where the MNO may have had an obligation to build a network but does not have customers, selling this excess capacity to an MVNO is mutually beneficial to both parties.

Virtuser has worked within MNOs on Wholesale MVNO strategy, building MVNEs for MNOs, building CPaaS and Converged Mobile Services for MNOs as well as managing MVNOS on behalf of MNOs and managing MNOs on behalf of MVNOs… The is a lot to do in the MNO – MVNO relationship and we were at the forefront of this creating the first MVNOs, the first hybrid MVNOs, the first Full and Light MVNOs, the first Light MVNO to Full MVNO migration and have negotiated some of the biggest MVNO agreements around the the world, some of the most innovative MNO – MVNO agreements and so on.

You can read more about Virtuser’s Extensive MNO and MVNO experince and definistions we helped define here