MVNO – Mobile Virtual Network Operator

A Mobile Virtual Network Operator, has an agreement to sell usually an MNO (Mobile Network Operator) excess capacity and/or to under addressed market segments an MNO cannot address or does not address themselves via an MVNO agreement, which is effectively a wholesale agreement. Wholesale typically represents 50% of SIC codes of a business registrar in a democratic economy, for example companies house, and has been that way for centuries since the industrial revolution, as to properly supply a service in a developed country overproduction is way to assure supply, and selling via wholesale allows them to sell that excess capacity or at least amortise over production.

Virtuser MVNO Consultancy was the worlds first dedicated MVNO advisory, the first to create a definition of MVNO in Wikipedia and helped build the MVNO Conferences during the first two decades of MVNO evolution, as well as the worlds first MVNO blog where you can still read more on MVNO Definitions and how to become and MVNO.