Real World IoT that happened in 2017 and will grow in 2018: Smart Luggage

This is the second in a series of entries on IOT in the real world that impact people\’s lives directly, i.e. what is not just a predicability of the future, but things that are going to happen! smart luggage has been a while in the making, with the big brands dabbling for years, however as they have appeared on kickstarter successes already; mainstream will finally dig out their initiatives, dust them down and follow. If they don\’t, you know where to spend your money doing it yourself or buying from the likes of G-Ro.

One of the biggest benefits of smart luggage is its saving time on arrival and smart luggage does this in a few ways:

  1. If your luggage is lost, by the time you land it will tell you and you do not have to wait until everybody has left the conveyor and there is a 2 hour queue of other people with lost luggage in front of you. It also saves time again, as usually when you report lost luggage it takes them a day or more just to work out where it is: you can tell them its in terminal X y airport y from the off and you get your bags back way earlier
  2. Proximity, proximity…

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