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We can help your mobile business grow and / or sell into mobile business, with more show and less tell: simple but effective.

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The Technology Industry has a problem. It’s full of people and events that tell, not show. Food events are full of food, a car event full of cars; tech events are full of middle aged men and hot air… we have lots of air temperatures and keep the middle aged men to a bare minimum 🙂


Technology events and sales pitches are full of tell and no show, because most sales people and management in tech are talkers, not doers, or they just do and are told to hide behind closed doors.


As humans, however, we don't buy stories - we listen to them, but we buy what we can see, experience and be shown. A CEO of a tech company once said: if you have facts, we will debate facts - if all you have is opinions, I will stick to my own. So we take facts, demos and solutions to a talk fest, and you win.


A customer will be more engaged, have a shorter sales cycle, a larger commitment and a longer term view and outlook of something they have bought into through demonstration.


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We help you show and demonstrate your services, as we have been doing just that as a differentiator for 2 decades.

No. We cannot predict the lottery either. But we do know what works and are trusted because this is what we have done for 2 decades.

We will do most areas of mobile, however have most experience in AI, Travel SIMs, IoT, M2M, Private 5G, Private LTE, MVNO, MVNE, MVNA, MVNX

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