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Sustainability & Envrionment

When we were the first to make a fully end-to-end cloud MVNE and MVNO platform back in 2014, straight after deploying our last legacy one in 2012, the two most amazing take-aways were the size of the footprint and energy consumption. From there we worked to make the network as efficient as possible.  We then incorporated the ability to measure the quality of air, water, surroundings for our asset trackers and now making Private networks as well as mobile networks and support services as energy efficient as possible.

We now have 100% renewable, solar solutions for:

Full mobile core

Full Private 5G / Private LTE core

IoT tracking solutions

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End-to-end Sustainability

There is no point taking something inefficient and turning the power down and saying its eco (you know who you are!) and there is no point throwing huge amounts of solar and batteries at a solution, I mean it’s better than burning coal, but the main problem is that the non cloud cores we installed in the last two decades burn hundreds, yes hundreds times more energy than our efficient mobile cores, and dozens of times more than a traditional cloud mobile core.


Mobile Telecoms has a problem, well a few actually: Legacy network MNO and MVNO cores burn 100 times more energy than modern cloud MVNO and cloiud MNO, Cloud Iot Cores for a start. Then there are the base stations and transport network. A lot of ORAN solutions are better but replicate a lot of these issues with using way too many resources , overkill servers, not optimising the network, hardware or software.


This is not just a green thing: it's the difference between being able to power your back-up network with existing power or back-up power or not. As we turn off the PLMN it will be the difference between being able to achieve coverage of all the country or not. and in many countries and many places it's the difference between being able to offer affordable MVNO or and MVNO / IoT coverage to the population.


Furthermore, it's now even become an issue of national security and being able to acheive net zero / climate goals or not. So the next time you cannot download an email, get coverage where you are or your factory goes down or you are paying a lot more for your energy and/or gas bill - look at your phone! If you run a factory, mine, supermarket or any business that has coverage and/or power issues... speak to us about Mobile Core Net Zero


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Frequently Asked MVNO & IoT Questions

We were the first people to install a fully end-to-end cloud core over a decade ago, so we have quite a head start. We quickly say we needed to adapt and take the network closer to the edge, which is now in its second generation, which meant using more, smaller devices  and being more local. But we did not stop there – we then looked at everything about the system from CPU choice, to hardware acceleration and optimising services to get the power down and as a by product reliability and avilability up – fewer upgrades , less resources means more stability! This is not just about being green, or indeed responsible – it goes way, way beyond that!

No, quite the opposite, we work with one of the biggest IT companies in the world as well as the established players and most cloud players and use off the shelf COTS hardware and AI and other software to optimise stable open source ORAN software. In fact we have received DSIT (Uk Government) funding to push the envelope of ORAN and Open neutral private networks.

We don’t really specialise, we solve problems, each problem is unique and we solve it either quickly with experience from a broad range of applications, or look at it from all angles and come up with solid solutions based around your needs, resoruces, budget and other practical constraints. The cokkie cutter, saussage factory approach has its benefits, but is generally done by those copying rather than leading. However if you must we have extensive experience in the energy, travel, factory, event, vehicle, tracking, asset, traveland manufacturing indistries, oh an broadcast, water, air quality…

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