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Private 5G, LTE, IoT & AI

We have been working on Small Cells since our inception, in fact we started trying to get mobile calls over Bluetooth and Wi-fi and deploying microwave in the then allocated 3.5Ghz and 26Ghz range.

Since then we have worked on everything from turnkey MNO projects to small cell infill… including various LTE and 5G cells in our and our partners offices right now.

How we can help: Private Network PoC to Scaled network

You know you want Private 5G, but what are the use cases and how can we prove the case.

End-to-end Service

We have the experience to help plan your Private Network, how it will work with other networks you have or use, the model needed and the justification for the right investment at the right site at the right time.


You know you want / need Private 5G and/or LTE, but why, how do I plan, justify, bring the entire team on-board and identify and demonstrate the key wins and turn them into a promotion, sorry key strategic advantage for my company I whoop whoop in all the meetings 🙂


Virtuser has cloud, edge and on premise devices, solutions and have also integrated all the IoT, tracking and other solutions in order to be able to not only provide a PoC to roll-out approach, but also overlay the IoT, AI and Automation as well as overlay the reporting which will demonstrate the why with facts.


You can lead your business into Private 5G in a way that is measured, demonstrated, cost effective and results and facts driven, with the best solution in each site, not just the one your chosen vendor had and need to shoe-horn into each site. We can also do this in record time and with the most power efficient solutions to help you reach net zero goals...


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Frequently Asked Questions

We do stand alone, non stand alone and integrate it with any radio unit vendor, any existing wifi and mobile / cellular solutions you have, as well as complement it with wider global IoT solutions… you know, the usual 🙂

No, in fact many of the places asking for Private 5G now have LTE. Private 5G is best if you need high uplink speeds (HD video) but we can give you the most educated, open and honest answer you will get… and the most affordable, manageable, power efficient solution

We have worked in most industries, however the key really is not shoehorning what worked for X chemical company into your chemical as the chances are the requirements are totally different.

Factory Use Case - losing money when Wi-Fi went down
Christian Borrman MVNO Pioneer

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