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Virtuser is unique in its service offering as a trusted advisor, problem solver and service provider to the industry for over 20 years

MVNO, MVNA, MVNE, MVNx Consultancy

Virtuser's team has worked on the first, the latest, the biggest and the most innovative MVNOs and MVNE platforms in the world, written the first best-selling industry report, which became a Pyramid Research best-seller overall in its first year despite the niche nature of the subject back then. We have chaired, presented and exhibited at all the major conferences, since the first one in 2001. We have built the first and still only fully cloud MVNE, MVNA and full MVNO solutions in the world. In addition, every MVNO we have every launched is still in business.

OTA APN, SIM OTA and eSIM SaaS Service provision

Virtuser built the world's first app distribution service for Nokia, before the iPhone and App store existed, we allowed customers to text the app they wanted, read the device and the network, and sent the right app for the right device and the data settings. Since then we did the first cloud based OAT APN service for third party settings in 2009. The settings were so bad we created our own by 2011, we have now added SIM OTA, eSIM OTA and device management. You are welcome.

Turnkey Cloud MVNE platform

We have delivered the worlds first fully cloud based MVNE, MVNA and MVNO platforms. Many people claim to do this, however when you scratch beneath the surface not everything is cloud, or it uses a few clouds, or most is cloud based but some things need to remain in X country or Y data centre... if this is the case its not fully cloud based. Fully cloud MVNE means a bare metal install on generic hardware, remotely, anywhere in the world and everything on one VM cluster: everything! Why is this important? Scalability and flexibility, speak to us to know more of check out some of our videos

Mobile Device Management Consultancy and Service Management

If your business wants to be able to manage mobile usage on the move, from services that can be used, apps that can be installed, custom APNs to complete mobile roaming and mifid II call recording, we have global solutions for small businesses to major multinationals on Android and iPhone iOS MDM solutions, including integration with eSIM rollout and management for voucher-less eSIM and remote eSIM deployment and SMDP+ eUICC+

Turnkey IoT Solutions

IoT is hard: it usually requires pairing connectivity, hardware and software and often quickly becomes a nightmare as it is complex and there are many people who claim they can deliver end-to-end, but you later find out they cannot and then you have integrators, middleware, projects, programmes, etc. and no solution. Or a solution that then requires the night are again to adapt to another customer. Virtuser has partners it has worked with often for decades now, since wavecom modems used SMS for IoT, or m2m as it was called back then... we know how to integrate flexible solutions with the right partners; fast

Mobile Apps and App store Procurement, Design, Consultancy

Making an app is simple-ish, however making an app or app service that achieves the goal, is actually usable and used, tracking and growing usage as well as reporting and growing the service are different matters altogether and Virtuser has helped Mobile network operators, handset manufacturers and brands navigate this minefield to success.

Online Remote MVNO Workshops

The best way to move an MVNO concept to a measurable, documented process that can be measured for approval with our own in-house gated process that lets you go from concept, to straw man, to go, no-go decision in a simple series of online remote sessions. We used to do this usually in person in London, but we now do them online and to be honest, they just get better, especially if we arrange a team building event around the workshops, like coffee, wine, food, making an IoT device... These can even be ordered on our shop

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Virtuser prides itself in its flexibility and variety of deliverables

Virtuser has a team that can adapt to new technologies, and the changing nature of mobile quicker than any other team our clients know. That's why the vast majority of our business is repeat business or via recommendation