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The first global eSIM only MVNO

Virtuser Advised Microsoft Corporation on the first global eSIM MVNO over a decade ago, when eSIM was still a dream and not available from any major MNO or MVNO. Speak to us if you want eSIM consultancy, eSIM integration, eSIM platforms for SMDP+, SM-SR or the latest SGP32 standard we are testing with the main eSIM providers due to our access to the widest base of both consumer and industrial devices as well as public and private networks. You can learn more about our eSIM expertise also in our webinars and events to learn more and contribute if that is your thing!

The Worlds First Cloud MVNE & MVNO

Over a decade ago we built the world's first fully cloud MVNO and MVNO, Conecto, in the US. This was fully cloud end to end, the full core: HLR HSS, GGSN PG-W, MSC, SMSC, Billing BSS, OTA etc, etc, everything in the cloud. We knew we were the only ones as for over a decade in RFPs we would here the same questions: "Are you sure you can put The MVNO element in the cloud, as the others in the bed say it needs to stay in France, Holland, Sofia, etc (wherever the competitor was based). Real Cloud can be anywhere! We noticed we could get a million subscribers on a platform that consumed way less than standard cores along the way.

The Worlds First Apps and App Store

Now over 15 years ago we built the world's first app distribution system, or app store, before app stores or even the iPhone or android existed. This was first for Nokia, for their Music festival sponsorship we build mobile festival apps in J2ME for not only Nokia, but for all major Sony Ericsson, Motorola and other mainstream devices. We then of course had to build a web and SMS based distribution system where you could text "reading: to 84000 and we would read the phone type, send the right app image link for download, and more importantly send the data settings for the righ mobile network. The was then used by Orange at Glastonbury.

World's first Integrating Private 5G, Wi-Fi and Travel SIMs

More on this soon!

The first turnkey mobile websites and apps for MVNOs and travel SIM businesses

Shortly after buidling the worlds first fully cloud enable MVNO and MVNO platforms, which made it quicker and easier than ever for MVNOs, IoT providers and brands to creat a mobile service; one thing became very clear - integrating APIs into websites and mobile apps is harder than most people ever think it is. From major brands who have ecommerce teams, but have never sold mobile or created an app before, to start-ups who know how to create apps and web front ends but struggle with the back end. We created turn-key apps and sites not just for MVNOs, but also for IoT as well.

The Worlds First MVNO migration

As MVNOs grew it was inevitable that expansion would lead to migration. How hard can it be to go from a light to a full MVNO in the same country? Well the answer is quite difficult as you would imagine. For a start, all new SIMs are needed and this is an opportunity for mass churn if not done well. Then there is the effective porting out of in this case nearly 1 Million customers in one go on a system that is only designed to migrate tens of thousands a day. Then there is the managing the inevitable isues of coverage differences between networks and that is before changing internal proccess or even just ensuring the customer balance is carried over.

Mobile Apps an App Stores and mobile marketing

Brands love MVNOs and Mobile for one reason: its one of the worlds greatest marketing and sales extensions. When speaking to people like Tesco Mobile, two decades after kicking of their MVNO path and the worlds first MVNOs, and after millions spent analysing data, focus groups and more, there was one simple answer as to why Tesco Mobile customers spend all of their shopping budget at tesco vs. 30-50% of their shopping budget and why 50% of Virgin Media's MVNO capex was amortised with extra broadband stickiness alone: seeing "Tesco Mobile" or "Virgin Mobile" every time you look at your phone is marketing gold.

World's first Solar EV Powered Mobile Core and Private 5G

Virtuser has won DSIT Innovtion Funding to further develop its Solar renewable EV and Hyrbrid EV based Private 5G Networks as part of a consortium with Telet, West of England Combined Authority, Bath & NorthEast Somerset Council, Shropshire Council, Worcestershire Council, Cardiff Council, University of Lancaster, Radisys, Antevia, Cellxica, Neutral Host Networks CIC, IQ Mobile Limited. This will be an excellent opportunity to further push remote connectivity across the UK, as a basis for experting to other countries, to ensure connectivity to all areas when needed for events, and other times when a mobile network needs to be provided.

Christian Borrman MVNO Pioneer

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