Travel eSIM for B2B Busines Roaming, MNOs, MVNOs

We are familiar with B2C Travel SIMs but what is happening in B2B? Latest except from our #wirelessWednesday conversations

Travel SIM B2B Roaming is becoming the norm as businesses of all sizes become silent roamers

It is surprising how many businesses of all sizes are becoming silent roamers due to the high cost of the MNO or MVNO roaming or just the unpredictability of its cost and value vs. using a travel SIM or Travel eSIM.

Some businesses are imposing a “use wifi” policy, which quite frankly is a security risk bigger than it is a business killer: at the end of the day businesses give employees mobile phones and laptops as any econimist worth their weight will draw a direct correleation between connectivity and productivity and income: denying an employee of this basic “human right” while travelling is very, very counter productive. However so is unpredictable costs – they can kill a business quicker than low productivity – so what is the solution? B2B second travel SIMs and eSIMs, which can even be integrated with company and 3rd party wifi for secure authentication and seamless travel connecyivity and costs which can be managed by not just finance, but also employyes themselves and their line managers / departments…

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